Spend your time like you spend your money! Spend wisely, with Konservi.

Amazing Features

We've worked hard to implement features which work for the Caribbean!

Location Based

Find promotions that matter to you. We show you only businesses and promotions from your country or immediate surrounding.

It's Social!

Sign in through Facebook, share through Whatsapp, Facebook, Email etc... Follow businesses and leave reviews among other things!

iPhone or Android?

Do you have an iOS or Android device? Konservi is available for both!

Interact with businesses

Call, Email, add a review, find location on the map. All ways in which you can interact whether directly or indirectly with your desired business.

Creative Design

The look of the app not only allows easy use, but is also creative. We've designed the entire platform with you in mind.

We listen!

Questions? Something you'd like to see for this platform? Just send us an email! We always listen and would be quick to respond.

Shop to Save! Take advantage of each Promotion.

We know all to well how frustrating it can be not knowing where to shop or what's happening in terms of promotions at a particular business. Never miss another promotion! Chances are, your favorite business is already on the platform, or would be on shortly - use Konservi as your one stop app for saving.

  • Social
  • Location Ready
  • Easy to Use
  • Multi-platform

What is Konservi?

Konservi is a powerful social promotions app that connects businesses with their customers. Customers use Konservi to stay informed of the best deals and promotions from the businesses they love. Businesses use Konservi to quickly communicate deals, specials, discounts, promotions and other customer-focused information with their customers in an engaging and interactive way.

Show deals and promotions on Konservi for FREE!

If you have a business and would like to show your deals, location or menu items on Konservi, Worry not, we're giving you 2-MONTHS FREE to do exactly that with no risk!

Maybe you just want to see if it works, or maybe you're looking for a new way to interact with your customers? Whatever the reason, a free start is a great start.

Enjoy 2-months free now!


Here are some of the things Konservi has accomplished so far.

Powered by FLOW SVG

Konservi was made possible by various contributions from FLOW SVG.

TICAmericas 2015 Finalist

Konservi was a Finalist at TICAmericas 2015, a part of the World Summit in Panama City.

Web Summit 2015 Finalist

Konservi was a finalist at Web Summit 2015 (Dublin)

Wolves Summit 2015 Finalist

Konservi was a finalist at Wolves Summit 2015

Caribbean Challenge Cup 2016 Finalist

Konservi was a finalist at the Caribbean Challenge Cup 2016 (Trinidad)

Collision Summit 2016

Konservi is a finalist for Collision Summit 2016 (New Orleans)

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